snapshots and memories- Ogden, UT

Our drive to Ogden was mostly cloudy and cool...seemed like a nice gift for the bus, and we started up just fine every stop in route.

Couldn't help but to discuss our Ogden memories as pulling into town! And couldn't help posting a few old photos.  For those of you new to our story... we lived in Ogden for almost a year back in 2007 when Jen still worked for Salomon and they packed up the headquarters from Portland to UT.  We decided to come for a short stint while Jen aided in the transition and we bought a rental property to take advantage of what seemed like impossibly cheap prices compared to those in Portland.  It was mostly a blur of a year as i was traveling several days each week and we were so busy with renovation projects that there was little time for anything else.  Mostly our trip down memory lane was something like "buy a house, kick out squatters, prostitutes and drug dealers, replace every pipe and patch walls, awesome blue man group halloween party with friends, chase away drug crowd, paint every wall of each unit, Short backpack trip to bryce canyon, awesome thanksgiving with friends, build a sprinkler system, snowboard a ton, knee surgery for jen, bryan snowboards a ton more including a couple inversions, after 10 months we go back to portland exhausted".  Now just the conversation is exhausting!

We pulled into town and drove past our property to make sure everything was still standing and did a quick tour of downtown to research how things are progressing.  Maybe not as fast as we would like, but coming along.

We hadn't eaten yet, so we stopped by the old downtown taco cart for a bite.  I tried to stay in the van and keep it running but the cart owner German (herr-mon) convinced me to get out for a "sample".  German proceeded to give Jen and I free samples of 9 different slow cooked meats and other delicacies while chatting about our trip to his homeland mexico.  He was in love with "nuestro casa".  Of course, this was all followed by the bus not starting and he and his three muchachos happily pushed the bus down the street so we could get started.

This starter issue is beginning to be a bit annoying and we may soon be seeking professional help.

Our buddy Ty was roasting some coffee when we arrived to his house  We had a nice time catching up over dinner and drinks, then slept happily in his driveway.  Took off first thing in the morning heading further east.