Okanagan Wine Country...or not


Major bummer of a day.
Jen waited all year and talked all winter about heading to wine country and the BC interior for a long weekend of exploring, wine tasting and moving from place to place to test out the camper. We planned a four day weekend (wine country isn’t exactly close to VAN and with the speed we get anywhere in the bus we decided to camp halfway both directions). As we've had repetitive brake issues, we took the bus in to get the brakes adjusted to make sure we were safe and spent evenings all week packing and prepping.

We were supposed to get the bus back early today so we could leave Tomorrow morning but found this afternoon that an adjustment wasn't the issue, but the master cylinder had blown. I tried to convince our mechanic to let me take it as is (since we've been driving the better part of a year now with almost no brakes), but he was having nothing to do with it. Really disappointing as this was supposed our first big trip of the year, but I’m proud of how we handled the disappointment.

I keep expecting us to get a bit frustrated at our choice of vehicle, but instead, we simply love the bus and know that this is part of the bargain. It is, after all...all about slowing down and enjoying life as it comes. Instead of wine country, we simply decided to head to the beach and play a ton of volleyball over the weekend... and at least we’ll be in town for the Canucks game!