On the road again!

sometimes we just couldn’t make this shit up!  Spent our last few days in portland finishing furniture orders, watching the fab team get make jigs and get underway on the 85 stool order and securing a storage facility for delivery upon completion, tidying up our space at the shop, getting karma’s health certificate (and getting her reacquainted with the crate)... and of course some more play time with friends.

bar crate stools steel parts jig1shop We have historically tried to do a wine tasting trip post thanksgiving, but this year we opened up the garage to host a wine class/tasting charity event thrown by two of our very talented and very knowledgeable friends.  All proceeds went to Join PDX, and terrific group here in town who help homeless get off the street.

Over 20 people gathering in our tiny home to learn, taste wine and enjoy each other.  What a great experience!  I was a bit worried before the event, but the space fit the numbers well and we actually discussed opening it up for similar community events in the future.  Most of the photos below taken by the talented Brock Storfa...seems we were too busy tasting to take any of our own.

Yesterday we make our rounds to throw a few final hugs and prepare to leave town.  We also had to scrape frost off the windshield...marking a clear end to our time in Ptown.  We have  some loose ends of course, no sale on the mini or the teardrop, a lack of airbnb guests planned during our absence and who knows what else we forgot- but we chanted the mental checklist to one another, picked up the rental car, locked the door behind us and headed out of town (mostly on time).bottlesglassesmeatwine3 brentwine1wine2

We pull into southern oregon just after dark and into an airbnb we found a few weeks ago.  We are greeted and shown a fantastic time by Ed.  A boat captain, a paraglider and an all around amazing and crazy dude.  As we connect into the wifi our phone and computer go crazy!  Apparently we’ve had 4 different AirBnB requests during our drive south despite not having any interest for the last month.  Suddenly December is full and we have a guest in January.  Yikes!

Karma gets comfortable on a giant beanbag chair, we stoke the fire sit around the table eating spicy chinese takeout and sharing a bottle of wine while telling life stories.  As it turns out Ed has plenty to tell.  Among them...Ed made his own wooden kayak a few years ago, loves to travel and has been looking to make or buy a teardrop trailer.  We’ll see how interested he is as he sets his travel schedule over the next few weeks but how serendipitous!frostkarma beanlogisticsbike kitchen ivy

In the morning we get a quick verbal tour of the area and his paragliding landing “crash pad” in front of the house and take off continuing south.  As we cross the state line we answer a call from someone who wants to buy the mini.  Of course.  Certainly, we’re still interested in selling, but we didn’t exactly prepare for a sale while away and it begins an hour of calls, texts and messages to arrange documents and contingency plans in case he should decide to buy in our absence.

We pull over to grab some lunch and charge our nearly dead phone only to find out we’ve got another airbnb request.  I seriously couldn’t make this shit up.  What - is - going - on? Oh, and also...its downpouring in caifornia.  Sheets of rain dumping since we crossed the state line.  Isn't there a drought?

Seeking explanations to why the world seems to be working in mysterious ways today.  anyone? anyone??