Oregon Wine Country

We finished up our week away with a few days in oregon wine country.   It was a perfect getaway, and another chance for us to experience yet another small home. It's funny how our time away from home also works out as "research" for zenbox.  While someone is staying in our small home we get to experience various others and the pros and cons of each.

wine cabin interiorkarma jen grapesgrapes among the grapes   This glorious "cabin" that hovered over an equally impressive wine cellar was well under 400sqft, but had high lofted ceilings and a panoramic view out over the vineyard at its doorstep.  It was beautifully appointed and the owners clearly had impeccable taste (in both wine and guest quarters).  We spent two wonderful days sipping wine and relaxing while walking among the grapes, watching the clouds rise up from the valley floor and enjoying picture perfect sunsets.  We also explored downtown Mcminnville and stumbled upon a few new favorite vineyards.

We left wine country excited to return home and move back into our place.  One of the true beautiful side effects of frequently being ousted from your own home is that you're constantly excited to be home!  Somewhere in the trip, we also set our departure date to get the bus.  Finally.

We had been toying with staying in portland through the holidays, but many of our friends have travel plans in december and flights get more expensive the closer to the holidays we fly. In the end departing in early december was the best bet all the way around.sunsetkissR Stuartwhole bottle

That's it.  It's finally decided and in motion.  We will spend the holidays and the new year in the bus driving north!  We are happy to be locked on a plan- now the hard part is getting ready in time.  We immediately booked flights, but the more we talk the more we realize exactly how much needs to be done in what is suddenly a very short timeline.  We have a few furniture orders that have to be created and shipped, a few new clients to consult with/prep for and a huge (and growing) list of to-do items for the trip itself.

We obviously have no idea what will happen once we reach the bus, but we know we'll be driving south from Portland to Los Angeles on the 2nd and then fly from there to San Jose on the 9th.  We would do anything to reduce the flying time for Karma and a direct from LAX seems the best way to do that.  It also gives us a chance to get in a bit of a road trip, to stop and see some friends and a bit of exploration along the way.  I still can't say i'm excited about the trip...but I'm coming around.  Its nice to have it on the books, be able to set things in motion.

Its also fair to say that the weather in portland has turned and ive been wearing pants and shoes for a week.  If that's not a sign we should be leaving town, i'm not sure what is!frost

bamboo truck cabana