Our life

We are not really living on the road yet.
Our time in ptown has been filled with lots of get-togethers, bbqs, sipping cocktails, and hanging in the beautiful portland sun.  We've certainly had plenty to celebrate with the 4th, Bry and Dan's birthday (102 together) and the arrival of Brock and Kelly for the weekend.  Constant gatherings well as an extremely comfortable bed and our beloved hot tub- luxuries that we will not have on the road.

It still has not fully hit us this adventure that we are about to begin.
But it's getting more real.
Our last week has been really great, but not entirely fun and carefree.  Although we are "living the dream", there have been some "real life" things to deal with.  Some very deep moments as well as raw, honest and open conversations.   And I'm not talking about the road trip here but instead family and love and our friends.
Through it all, what remains clear...is that communication is so key.
We love and adore the relationships that we have.