Our Mexican "Home"

We continue to make ourselves comfortable in our current home and realize daily how simple it would be to stay (short of the fact that we cant afford to).  In fact, we got an offer today to extend our stay in a different apartment for next to nothing.  We havent answered yet- but i think we'll be hitting the road instead. While the waves aren't cooperating with our intent to become accomplished surfers it has allowed for more time for art, some new friends and exploring/walking the beach.  We keep talking about how we are getting so much out of our stay in bahia de banderas, we just arent getting exactly what we expected.

The homes here are owned by some of the world's richest, are ridiculously beautiful and actually tear your eyes away from the water view.  Our last walk ended because high tide wouldn't allow us to go any further but stopped us at a gorgeous set of rocks with hundreds of crabs scattering about sunning in between waves.  Perfect place for jen to get some stretching with a vista in while i scramble around snapping photos of my fellow crabs.  On our way home (like most times we leave the house here) we ran into one set of friends and made a new set along the way.

We continue to buy our local produce from trucks and everything is fresh and delicious.  We also discovered a garden near our stairway in the restaurant that has fresh and spicy chiles...the perfect addition to an already tasty homemade salsa!

Sunday we hosted Yumiko and the boys for a surf and turf lunch (seared more of our ahi and made the mexican version of the famous zenor family rib recipe).  When Dean showed up after work we went to the roof to watch the lack of waves on lake pacifico and then took a stroll down the beach so karma and the boys could play in the water.

It's so great to be able to play host and entertain.  Between JP and Katia stopping by for an impromptu dinner/drinks on friday and lunch today we feel like we have a host-able home for the first time in quite a while.