Out of Hibernation

As much as I hate to admit it, the number of blog posts over the last few months are actually an accurate reflection of how exciting our lives have been.  Were it not for a few visits from out-of-town friends, we may not save seen the light of day. Luckily, the sun is making its re-appearance to the northwest over the last few days, and we are seeing hope for a light at the end of winter's lengthy tunnel.  We just had a long weekend thanks to good friday, and the weather was gorgeous.  Not exactly warm, but at least dry and sunny, which we will take anytime!  Also a good excuse to start the long weekend off with some good friday ceasars!

Saturday saw our first full day of beach volleyball this year and while everyone was still relatively bundled up and the wind made the games almost prohibitive it was a fantastic day!!

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of some long overdue bus projects, which served as a good excuse for being outdoors as long as possible. Jen borrowed a sewing machine from a coworker, so we tried to work on the essentials while we had it.  The second iteration of our privacy curtains worked out terrifically and solved our problems of pinched fingers and storing a jumbled mess with the last (magnet-based) approach.  Also got a solid start on a bugscreen for the cargo doors to ensure we can camp anywhere even if the insect population isn't cooperating.  More on those projects here.

We didn't really get to enjoy the fruits of our labor last year as the cabinets and other projects weren't complete until nearly the end of summer...this year we are chomping at the bit for as much time as possible spent out enjoying BC and seeing if our construction was worth the effort!

Spending time outside with the bus is truly an experience like no other.  The type and number of people that are attracted to the bus or that stop in to see what we are doing and then stick around to talk at a deeper level is astounding.  I'd love to believe that is was simply due to our (okay, Jen's) outgoing nature, but days spent sitting outside without the bus prove that we have exactly zero similar encounters.  Sunday alone found us in no less than 3 conversations with people about their past travels and explorations and meeting two amazing couples that i'm certain we will meet up with again to talk about their and our lives, plans and dreams.  The bus is like some kind of freedom magnet...people just can't seem to walk by without expressing their hearts, telling us about their dreams and wanting us to do the same.