Playa Pedrito, Todos Santos

We wake up hot as the sun threatens to peak over the horizon and drive back to the bluff to capture the breeze and a bit more sleep.We enjoy the morning, and then slowly pack up and swing by Kent and Lynn's to drop off a thank you 8pack of modelo and say our goodbyes in case we don't see them again this week.  We know we will see them again on the road, so this is really more of a "see you later".
Drive into todos, grab some fresh fish, tortillas and water and then on to the sports bar for the ducks game.  The bar had written us in advance to let us know they got the game and opened an hour early just so we could see kickoff- now that's service.  We enjoy the game with 20peso beers and crazy good chilles rellenos and the ducks win by another commanding lead.  The bar transformed around us as they prepared for a huge crowd this evening for the fights before everyone heads to the zocalo for the independence day fiesta.

Afterwords we drive west out of town to Kellee and Jamie's casita.  They hear us approaching, slide open the gate and welcome us for happy hour and a ton of conversation about our mutual travels and dreams.  Around sunset, we take the dogs for a walk to the beach, then grill some yellowtail tacos for dinner and toast Mexican independence (as well as our own) before finally calling it a night.

The walls around the yard made for a warm night, and we all wake up early and convene in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast.  We talk for a while and them head to las palmas, a local playa named for a gorgeous grove of palm trees lining its beach.  This is the first beach we haven't been able to park directly on or in front of, so we stash/lock everything up and stroll towards the ocean.  The short hike reminded us of the approach to short sands (for those of you in portland) except you have to swap out sand and palms for old growth forest and ferns.  It's clearly Sunday as the beach has a few local families playing in the water and throughout the day it fills in with more and more families and children playing in both the waves and the freshwater stream running to the sea.

Jamie and I bodysurf while the ladies talk and the dogs play with a coconut- and we spend the entire day relaxing under umbrellas and enjoying the breeze with a beer and homemade ceviche.  Not a horrible way to waste a day!  Kellee and Jamie are super enjoyable, which is great for us as we are likely to encounter them again and again throughout our trip south.  You can check out their blog Tranquilo Adventures.

We all take off about 5pm and Jen and I go looking for the magical camping beach again.  Our first few attempts fail as the road from the south (the only one we know of) has been completely washed out in recent storms.  We find anther road from the north and wind our way to the beach.  Here as well many local families are scattered about enjoying the last few hours before sunset and we watch a few surfers trying their hand at pretty sloppy shore break but can see how the point break is probably amazing in the right swell.

We heat up some conchita pibil (thanks again Frank and Fransisco) and crash after a long but fun day in the sun.

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