Playa Tecolote, LaPaz


E all done at the vw spa (and sounding better than at purchase for less than what a few hours of labor would have cost at home), We are free to leave LaPaz.

The mechanic and his son gave us a good recommendation for a Mexican red wine and a pescaderia to buy some fresh fish, so we hit those up, grab a couple indescribably delicious fish tacos and drive out of the city headed 30 minutes north to playa tecolote.

This beach is dreamy...with nothing but a couple beachfront restaurants, kayak and sup rentals, and a line of palapas for shade. The water is a perfect turquoise and we have a sweet view of espiritu santos island. We pull up next to a palapa and look forward to a tranquilo day. Locals pull into palapas around us with coolers filled with cold tecates and groovy musica blaring from their car stereos, some Banda, some techno. Families swim and play together in the ocean.

I make mexican sangria as instructed by rogelio the mechanic with the wine, tequila, cranberry juice and peach nectar and stick it in the fridge to chill for happy hour later on. We are quite fascinated by the idea of tequila sangria. I also mix up a little fresh mahi mahi ceviche to marinate for the afternoon while bry works on his surfboard design. We spend the afternoon soaking in the ocean, laying In the shade or on the couch in the bus and enjoying the sun and the breeze. Little fish skim the water surface every once in a while which is pretty cool to watch. Our little happy hour was totally awesome, the tequila sangria rocked it, this just may be a staple in the fridge go forward. As the sun sets, the sky colors change from bright to subdued.

We grill up the rest of the mahi mahi in a banana leaf with diced tomatillos, poblano peppers and onions, and we dine under a million stars. All 3 of us pretty tired, we crawl into bed and quickly fall asleep. We are reminded a short while later that it is Friday night as new vehicles pull in with their music and their tipsy voices on high volume. But after a couple hours, the peacefulness returns and we have an awesome night of sleep.

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