Poker Night and Birthdays

We got invited to poker night with some of Jen's coworkers on Friday. I guess I should have realized when we sat down at the table that it wasn't going to go well.  First, everyone around the table works with numbers for a living.  Second, the conversation about what we should play was really more of a debate about winning percentages and whether or not to double the blinds every time around the table rather than a talk about fun personal preferences.

Everyone thought Jen was conning them when asking for a reference list of hands from high to low...I only wish either of us turned out to be so skilled at the table!  Regardless, we did have fun...despite losing all our money.   I think its generally a good sign when the wife and child of the host think you're kidding when you say you've <em>already</em> been knocked out of the first game.  indeed.

There have also been a high number of birthdays in October, when means reasons to get out of the house and keep us busy. We celebrated Mark's birthday with the Duck game and some NFL and had an awesome happy hour with Bailie and friends at Corduroy bar.  This place is cool and only blocks away from Lulu but for some reason we hadn't stumbled upon it before.  Small and intimate place with reasonable drinks and food and an awesome staff. It reminded us a lot of Portland, and we plan on going back on a Monday evening soon for their rock-paper-scissors competition and open mic.  No dolphins showed up...but there was a quick rendition of "Happy Birthday" from Mark to everyone in the bar, except us and Bailie of course since we had already left the building.