Popoyo, Nicaragua


Finally make our way to the end of the dirt road.  We pull into NicaWaves, a little popoyo surf camp and our home for the next three nights.  Its scorching hot and we’re thrilled to get out of the bus.  We walk up to the bar and sip a refreshing nica libre while waiting on the owner to come show us to our room.  Up the hill, he shows us a room barely deep enough for the two mattresses and only about 12’ wide.  We look at each other picturing the three of us in here for 3 days, but know that our other option is three people in the bus (and its far too late to tell bailie to repack the tent).vacasoxcartriver crossingnica wavesThe dirty closet sized room has one door and two mini windows, all on the side away from the wind.  The wind is gusting outside like a hurricane is blowing over and we still have to have two fans running to keep the place cool...great design.  He also informs us that we will have to walk back to the other end of the property for either a bathroom or wifi...and again we consider the tent. This place didn’t have high expectations as it was literally our only choice during semana santa weekend, but it’s hard to see what were paying for exactly.  Jen gets to work cleaning up the place and i move our consumables to the fridge and talk with the french guys that moved in upstairs about the local waves and nicaragua.


bry hammockthe caveWe lounge in the hammocks out front and count down the minutes until Bailie's arrival.  As we sway, one of the construction workers wanders up the hill and introduces himself as Eddie.  Eddie is nice enough but hovers and seems a bit put off that we are in the hammocks, (appears he wandered up the hill for siesta) and he sits in the grass beside the building for a while.

Later, we return from dinner to find him sleeping in the hammock.  Jen tells him in the sweetest possible way that we need the hammocks for our friend and he finally decides to get up and find a hammock elsewhere on the grounds...at this point probably just looking for peace and quiet.  For a moment it seemed we were supposed to share our closet sized room with him..we don’t recall that being listed in the amenities list prior to booking.jen bay

cocpnutsunsetFinally, under cloak of darkness a vehicle pulls up and deposits a Bailie.  It’s like christmas!  Big hugs all around, we all pull up a hammock and grab some cold bevvies to catch up.  As only Bailie could... she falls in love with our tiny, cramped quarters and tells us about the interesting drive down from the airport.  At 3 in the morning, we all move from the front porch to nica’s smallest rental and listen to the howling wind as we fall asleep.

The following day is spent doing nothing.  What else would we do at a surf camp without a swell and more focused on our visitor?  We take full advantage of the hammocks out front occasionally diving after whatever cup, plate, laptop or chair gets blown across the patio by a gust of wind.  It’s like we never left and its like we’ve known each other forever.  We don’t miss a beat and there no small talk as we dive directly into deep rich discussions about life, love and the crazy world around us.  We manage to squeeze a walk to the beach, a sunset happy hour on the point overlooking the bay, and even dinner into our busy day...that and way too many nica libres... boogieheartpoint