Rainy days back to LaPaz

All our friends from the RV park come by throughout the day, convinced we've returned as permanentes, or at least for the whole season.  They warn us of the storms coming across baja and we hop online to plan our next few days around Miriam's schedule. We dip in the pool and use the showers but realize our spot here is far more valuable when the sun is scorching and we are trying to hide from the heat.  The storms have blanketed the sky and with them came cooler temps that mean we no long have to spend 3/4 of our day in the pool.  We made plans to meet up with another couple of travelers in LaPaz. Seemed fitting as we still need to go back to Rojelio's and they currently have their bus parked inside and being worked on.  Problem is- the rains and thunderstorms have set in and we don't think we could drive to the other side of town, much less to LaPaz.  We wait out the storm, and discuss a change in plans since we know the forecast calls for 4 more days of the same.  The very idea seems completely miserable (other than the reduction in temperature).  Finally a temp that allows getting out of the bus to explore and instead we get trapped inside staring out the rain covered windows…  The bus is a terrific home, but on these days trapped inside or only wandering out to the extents of our 8x10 awning it definitely starts to feel a bit cramped and tight as my brain grows bored.  Jen watched the raindrops gets in some reading and a nice nap, and i did finally do a bit of sketching.

When the rains stopped we made a run for it despite the mounting dinner/music offers in the park.  The drive on this stretch to LaPaz was gorgeous.  The terrain quickly changes to full on rain forest and we can only imagine how scenic this must be with a blue sky and plenty of light.  We make our way slowly as the storm has scattered the road with washouts and large rocks, and we pass a pretty bad accident with two semis involved thats a good reminder of how not in a hurry we are.  Overall, the roads were better than expected.  Our whole way south we have crossed countless Vados, which is essentially a dip in the road where they decided it wasn't worth building a bridge and they simply let the water flow over the road at the bottom.  These seemed an odd nuisance on dry days, but would inevitably mean a Uturn back to the park if we came across one with enough water flowing now.  Luckily, we did not.  We pull in later than anticipated and rather than driving around looking for a hotel or campground we go directly to the pizzeria for dinner.  We spot Juan and Stephanie at the doorway and as described he is already taking photos.  Sadly, the pizzeria has closed since we departed LaPaz, so we walked back and introduced our new friends to our neighborhood fav, Rancho Viejo.

Certainly never a shortage of conversation when meeting another couple who are a making a similar journey, and dinner is certainly not enough time to ask all the questions and discuss all the possibilities- but it was a nice start.  They walk us back to the bus and we discuss booking a room at their hotel, but it's already late, we are drowsy from the beers and we figure it's a good opportunity to save the cash so we simply drive a few blocks looking for a good stealth camping spot and call it a night.