Casino Royale, Rubicon Style

Fridays workday was cut short so that we could finish running our errands and prep for the party.
Tuxedo, check.  Hike through Forrest Park followed by Pedicures for the girls, check.  Pre-Party cocktail with Brock (aka Elwood Blues) and Kelly, check.

We arrive at the world trade center for some wine and apps while transportation is arranged, and then head to the basement after figuring out which passport unlocks the security to the elevator.  In true Rubicon style, we are driven to our destination in a black hummerzine with an armored car escort.  Security was tight, but Jen broke the hard shell with a hug and a smile, and we were all inside in no time.

We took over 3 floors of the Portland Bank and Trust for the evening and exchanged our currency for chips to hit the tables. Go ahead...just try to keep us away from a craps table.   Stand back ladies and gentlemen, superjen needs a new pair of shoes.

Normally Aaron bellies up next to us at the bar, tonight he was our trusted craps partner and helped us ensure our end of the table at least supplied the appropriate excitement level despite not winning real cash.  We play the table like we had printed the money ourselves (wait, we well as the cards, and the chips, and the...).Eventually we are forced to stop gambling when raided by armed gunmen who fire shots in the air, steal our chips and gather us in the center of the room.  No, I'm not kidding.   We are gathered to watch an amazing 20 minute movie hand crafted by Tuyen. The Rubicon version of Mr and Mrs Smith...apparently we have an engagement to celebrate as well!!

That concludes the table game portion of the evening and we are escorted (herded) into the elevators upstairs for the high-stakes tables and the rooftop bar, my sign to move on from cocktails to ports.  David always provides the best selection you could hope and the bottles opened at the end of the evening are always among the  highlights of any of our events.  Pretty sure jen was still sipping bubbly...she brought a whole different A-game tonight.

The remainder of the evening is spent on the rooftop enjoying the ports and each others company.  We catch up with Ben and Amber, Joseph and Rachel (with whom we commit to meeting for a camping trip in our buses soon), and Jen corners Jeannie's friend after finding out she also drives a westy!  We head back to the basement for some dancing with Kelby, Trish, Gena and Molly (and the few remaining late-nighters) in front of the big screen.

We finally call it a night and head out in search of food.  Thankfully, Portland is in no shortage of late night dining for those in need, so while we didn't catch up with John for his last drink at Cassidy's, we did change clothes and make it to the Roxy for the waiters recommendation of "anything with gravy".

We enjoy some quiet conversation over our chicken fried steak (and gravy) while we debrief from a whirlwind of the last few days.