San Carlos and Magdalena Bay

We head south from Bajia Concepcion, knowing we wont make it as far as LaPaz and still considering the turn back north to scorpion bay...We pull into Ciudad Insurjentes to get online, research options and see if there are choices other than the long haul to LaPaz.  Jen finds a few good reports, so we keep heading south but turn off at Ciudad Constitucion for San Carlos and Magdalena Bay.  We arrive and realize there isn't much here but pull into an unfinished hotel to grab a beer and ask about nearby camping options.  Instead of simply pointing out a nearby dirt road they offer their grounds and facilities, a room to hang out in and shower us with hospitality. Villas Mar y Arena (Sea and Sand) isn't complete but the restaurant and a few rooms are and we spent the better part of the day relaxing in the restaurant, surfing the web and talking with the staff and owner.
The vision for this place and its owner is amazing and the craftsmanship and attention to detail in the buildings/rooms that are complete is remarkable.  They are creating a family owned/operated eco-resort offering all-inclusive packages for whale-watching, sport-fishing, surfing, birding, wind/kite surfing or pretty much anything else that Magdelena Bay has to offer.  The bay is beautiful with the mountainous islands laying offshore and provides a perfect backdrop to the sunset we watched from the future VIP room.  While whale watching is the primary draw to the bay (enough so that there is an annual whale celebration each January), there is also an annual turtle hatching celebration and apparently we missed an international wind surfing competition by only a week.  This is the place that the state should be focusing on for its adventure travel video...

We spent hours talking with the owner about his vision for the resort, his plans for giving back to the community and his dreams for the future.  So energizing and fun!  His first few rooms will be ready within the month and the suites will be finished before the coming whale watching season.  We will definitely be stopping back at Mar y Arena.







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