Saratoga, WY

Todays the first day we haven't had somewhere to be…and even now we do have loose plans to go to a show at Mag's bar in Riverside, and tomorrow we move on to colorado.The odd thing is, we still don't feel entirely like the trip has started.  Maybe because we long to be on a beach and that's how we have pictured the trip, or maybe because much of the trip is about getting lost and so far we are still on an itinerary, are still driving far more than soaking up the places we stop each day, or because we are still far too aware of what day it is or where we are headed next.  Lets be clear, that's not to say we aren't having an amazing time, or extremely excited about where we've been and for the days to come…just that we keep mentioning how it doesn't feel like the trip has begun, officially.  We have been out of Vancouver for over a month and it feels like we've only been gone for a long weekend.
But it is happening…slowly.
Yesterday we lost ourselves for several hours on the river, and as I type Jen is strumming her guitar behind me.  We are slowly realizing that we have an abundance of free time…we just aren't yet sure what to do with it.  And, as planned…this leg of the journey has allowed us to test the system.  Bugscreens need a lot of work (basically a redo); solar system is getting us by but not exactly making us feel confident; storage is tight and we are daily reorganizing until things find a proper home.  Apparently next week will be riddled with projects…and that list doesn't yet include figuring out how to get the bus started without a good push at least once a day.
And just to keep track of how my fishing skills are developing…they aren't.
To be fair, my casting has come a long way but my catching…hasn't improved.  Granted, I've still only cast a fly 3 days in my life but this sport would be a lot easier to stick with if the occasional fish would at least nibble. Or, maybe its my gear thats the problem.  Every fisherman we've seen has on the complete khacky warsuit including waders, multiple reels, a vest full menacing trinkets and at least one box of flys that I'm sure were hand sewn with tedious care.  They all also have (like every other man we've passed in this state) a sidearm strapped to the hip…but I'm not sure exactly how that helps the fishing.

Me, I've got rod and reel and the two extra flys that will assuredly be needed to replace the ones lost on errant casts.  Otherwise, i don't much look the part any more than our split window bus with a surfboard fits in with the 4x4s and F250s either…might be time to move on to another spot (or sport) and revisit this one later in life.  But for now, another day in Wyoming…and if it cools down enough maybe even another chance to get that first catch.