Searching for north baja waves

The hotel we camp out front of  (cueva de pirata) is great.  We get a cheap but delicious breakfast and a free load of laundry well washed and neatly folded.

The hotel only has a restaurant and 10 rooms, but its easy to see what the place will look like at full buildout with 37 rooms, a spade-shaped pool and a marina...if the tourists ever come back that is...
After staring at the ocean for a while we head in town for some pizza and Internet and then explore the coast a bit north of the hotel.  We trace the dirt roads along the coast with nothing but the pelicans and the occasional fisherman or cow and finally happen upon a small group of gringo homes around a shipwreck.

We pull in to check out the waves as we've heard there's a decent break here, but things are flat and calm.  We do stop to talk to a "local", which really means he's from San Diego but comes down a few times a year to surf.  Gary and Dick tell us about the area, their experiences with baja surf going way back to before the roads were paved, and of course about their trips in VWs back in the day.  This causes us to pause later in the evening to tally the number of people we have met from outside Mexico who have driven/do drive VWs or busses and those who haven't.  The latter is a short list and we try to figure out which comes first, the bus owner or the explorer.

 We camp on the beach hoping for a swell in the am, but have dinner and drinks into the evening with the guys- laughing, taking notes on not-to-miss breaks and stops along the way- and having an all around great time with the first real conversation since entering Mexico (most all all our stops have been very isolated).

 We wake up excited to surf with the guys, but the sky is covered with a thick blanket of the marine layer and the waves are no better than the night before.  Actually, it felt a lot like we were standing on the Oregon coast... We debate staying a few days to see what happens (knowing that even if the waves come it means full wetsuit) or heading south.  We eventually decide to head for points unknown, pack up camp and head south and inland as the trip from here takes us across to the sea of Cortez.

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