Seasons change

Oh how time flies...We tried to take some time to relax and enjoy ourselves after the big push to open the gallery at the beginning of the month, but in reality the month has just flown by in front of our eyes.  And with it, fall seems to have returned to portland.

The weather has actually  been better than we could hope.  A few days of rain followed by a week of sunshine.  Even most grey days have pockets of dry or sunshine for us to enjoy.  It's funny, the weather seems better than we remembered- meaning either our outlook is brighter or it's simply that in our old lives we missed those nice pockets entirely while manning our desks.jen porch

fallWe've still been busy, or at least occupying our time fully. While we haven't been at the shop daily, we still find ourselves visiting often for events and classes.

One weekend i got to hang out and work with a group of kids who came in to spend a day out of school fabricating.  We pretty much gave them free reign to design and create their own "brand" sign.  A bunch of 8th graders with table saws and welders...whats the worst that could happen? plasma saturday academy welding 101

We found ourselves at a few more football games, and a few more outings in the trailer.  A true reminder of how quickly the weather has shifted.

What a few weeks ago meant baking in the sun now means huddling around a fire pit with friends old and new trying to stay warm until gametime.  Frighteningly, i almost put on a pair of socks, meaning i would have to admit the approach of winter.  Gasp.

cornhole jessekarma trailer

We also got a visit from Bailey..what a treat!  She came down from VAN for her birthday just in time to get a true feel of fall in america (meaning we spent a large amount of our weekend watching football).

Mostly just an excuse to do nothing, catch up on missed time and talk about dreams for the future.  Bailey fits right in around portland.  At one point i thought we might have convinced her to stay, but sadly when her plane departed its gate she was on it.

Maybe next time... we love that girl.

jen and baybay goatkarma and bay

The change in seasons is inevitably bringing about change in us as well.  This week saw us reach our 6month point in Portland.  I'm not sure i ever believed that would happen.  Part of me always thought the call of the bus and sunny beaches would trump the draw to community.  Regardless, the combination of encroaching winter and our depleting finances has us involved in some deep conversations about what might be next for us.

That means lots of spreadsheets and calculations, combined with lots of soul searching and planning.  The good news is we've come up with some ideas.  The beginning of a plan if you will.

More details to follow, but by the end of the week we'll be officially homeless again.