Serious about our ducks!

We love our ducks, we love our ducks.  Those are actual lyrics from a song…and we love that song.  We glue ourselves to the tv for a dozen or so Saturdays each fall to watch Oregon ducks football.  Living in Canada, with no espn, no fox sports net, and the cfl….means we have to stream the games online.  But its cool, we have the whole set up figured out….we stream on my pink computer, we plug it into our 50 inch flat screen for enlarged video…and we plug into our ipod speaker so we can really turn it up.   We sit on our white leather sectional, with cocktails and nachos and we cheer on our boys.  Sometimes the streamed games are crystal clear, sometimes a bit choppy with less than ideal resolution, but for the most part it works for us.  And then there was last night.

Its 7:35, kickoff was 5 minutes ago, and we could not get a stream.  There was a great audio stream, but the video option we found was having some serious technical difficulties.  We messed around with it for 10 minutes or so with no improvement.   So with the game well into the 1st quarter, we found ourselves with a gameday decision….a/to settle for audio only and likely pout the entire game or b/to find a sports bar that will play the Oregon game for little ol’ us in a corner on a Saturday night at 8pm.  Bry makes a call to a pub hoping for a miracle and within 6 mins we are in yellowcab on our way to the academic pub.  The bartenders/possible owner happily accommodates us and we sit down in front of a big screen with no sound, but perfect video, we order a couple double cocktails (on special for $8 bucks, gotta love Vancouver bc), and we are happy.  5 cocktails and a $20 platter of nachos later…the ducks are victorious, the bar turns into a dancing club, and we climb our tipsy selves into another yellow cab to head home.