Every few years it seems portland gets completely shut down by a light snowfall.  This might be the first year i was here to enjoy the whole thing.  Seems in the past i would always get the call when away on a business trip that snow had fallen, everyone was sent home from work and jen and a few friends would inevitably be walking through a beautiful blanket of snow on the way to enjoy a hot toddy.  So much more fun in person! We finally broke and decided that even without power we were ready to be living in our new tiny home.  The urge to nest was just too strong.  We borrowed a friend's van, loaded our few belongings into the back and headed for home.  Before we even got the first item out of the back snow flurries started blowing.fireplacesnowed in cheers

karmakarma snowballI got another long day of work in at the shop while it was coming down, but jen came and kidnapped me to ensure we got a few hours to sit inside by the fire and watch the snow come down through our b.e.a.utiful doors. Brock and kelly stopped by for our first cocktail/toast in the space and then offered to make us dinner since we have no means of cooking.

Flurries had quickly turned into full on snow and we got 3-4" a day for the next 3 days. Unheard of.  Everything was shut down the following day, but we headed back to the shop trying to get the furniture orders out before everything ground to a halt.  We didn't make it.  By nightfall things were getting pretty sloppy and the following morning was a slippery mess.  We braved out in the mini to pick up some plywood and nearly got to sleep at home depot for a few days as a reward.sleeding hill

fam sedding old schooliced karma run 2 plywood snow chair thistle

long walk homeAfter that we hunkered down...worked on some shelves for our cabinets, and took advantage of a great chance to stay indoors, watch some olympics and head downhill to brent and dees for what turned into an awesome dinner/games night/slumber party.

Other than a few walks through the snow a day to get nourishment or give karma a chance to play (forgot how much she loves the snow), we were pretty much forced to take a break and recharge.  While the rest of Portland was complaining of cabin fever we felt lucky to have a chance to nest in our new almost-home.

It's now all slush and slowly melting away, and we're focused again on getting the now-delayed furniture orders sent out... then it's back to focusing on the finishing touches back home.table frame stool topsstoolscustom entry table