Stuck on Cozumel

"stuck" because we have no desire to leave...  We continue to have a great time soaking up friends on cozumel.  We spend most of our time talking and relaxing, and living the life of kent and lynn here on the island.   Somehow, we also found time in our busy schedules the last few days to explore the island.   DCIM100GOPROGOPR4083. DCIM100GOPROGOPR4127. DCIM100GOPROGOPR4121. DCIM100GOPROGOPR4116. bry kent lynnIt's been years since jen and i were on cozumel, but i'm thrilled to say it hasn't changed much.  Compared to the explosive growth and change we've experienced along the mayan riviera and tulum, Coz seems to be growing comfortably within itself (likely because years ago it made most of the island a preserve thank cant be developed).  The little town is bustling and cruise ships come and go...but once they pull out it feels like a tiny island again and remote beaches on the far side are never far away.

We occasionally walk a few blocks to delicious breakfast empanadas.  We walk a bit further to explore the malecon and experience the island as those who arrive here for a few hours by ferry see it.  When we must drive we do so with half of us lounging in the back of the pickup with karma and a cooler.  Definitely not a horrible way to travel.

Yesterday we headed to the north end of the island to do an initial clean of an old boat Kent just bought to fish in the flats (can't wait to come back for our fishing lesson).  Later, we drove across the transversal to hang out on the wild side.  Even on our first trip, jen and i preferred this side of the island.  It's remote, has almost no tourists and the waves breaking against the coral formations never get old.

Today it was also really windy with a bit of rain sprinkled in.  Occasionally it almost...almost even bordered on being chilly. truck2DCIM100GOPROGOPR4142.