Sun Peaks

We slowly drive away from the Rockies   We have learned by now that rushing to or from any of our chosen destinations does not make for a perfect trip in our eyes (or rushing to do anything really).  In this case we decided against backtracking down the Icefield Parkway and to instead make new tracks west.  Not far out of jasper we came across Mt Robson.

An impressive mountain by all accounts and any direction you're driving towards it, it absolutely fills your field of vision.  We hung around for an evening and wanted to do a few days backpacking in (everything we read about the area is amazing) but checking in at the rangers office proved that all spots were taken for the week.  We momentarily regretted not making arrangements sooner and slowly made our way down the road.IMG_2087 IMG_2090

We pointed west and drove away, admittedly feeling somewhat let down that our eyes had nothing astounding and jawdropping to look at for the first time in a long, long time.  The canadian rockies were astounding.  Our trip was everything we hoped it would be and so much more.  It left us with a list of reasons to visit again even longer than the list of amazing things we saw while we were there.  It also left us with memories of experiences from an amazing trip.  Part of it with amazing friends and all of it with amazing experiences.

It was one of the best examples to date of why we chose this path in our life.  Why we made the unconventional decisions and the hard choices to get where we are now.  Why we took all the risks and gave up everything in an attempt to change our lifestyles.  Why we now make the daily choice to collect experiences over things and to be available for exactly this type of event. To not have to think twice or check schedules when a friend suggests a trip we have dreamt of for years.

We drove mostly quiet and weren't exactly sure where we were heading, but somewhere along the way we debated backpacking, more camping in the provincial parks along the way...but nothing seemed all that exciting compared to what we had just seen and experienced so we decided to mic it up a bit.  Instead of another campground we headed into sunpeaks for a bit of summer slopeside relaxing.

IMG_2138IMG_2112 IMG_2141 IMG_2143

We booked a cheap room and spent our time either lounging in bed or in the hot tub overlooking the slopes.  We would venture out only for dinner and a cocktail or a ittle ping pong grudge match outside one of the local bars.

The place was mostly slow...just us and a few dozen hardcore mountain bikers.  We loved the stop and it provided a nice gradual transition back to life in the city,  which we came back to the following day.  Just in time, as it turns out for another volley ball tourney on the beach.  I can't describe how amazing it has been parking the van only a block from the beach all summer.  We have built in exercise, entertainment, nature and a social network.  If you're going to live in a van...this is the way to do it!

IMG_2148 IMG_2162 IMG_2176 IMG_2180