The Baja 500

Our last week was a bit of a blur. Checking items off the to-do list, cancelling services, finishing up projects and most importantly trying to soak up every minute we can.

Chad deemed our remaining time “the Baja 500” and under the bylaws of the week we could call at any hour to hang out at the place of our choosing. We tried desperately to not abuse our newfound power… Most nights meant dinner or happy hour or both, followed by a beginners jam session with Jen and Chad on their guitars.

Thursday Chad subbed in for a slightly rainy night of Vball at Jericho and we all shared some Indian food while sitting on lawn chairs and empty bins (that’s about all we can offer these days at chez Danger).

Friday we were meant to have lunch with Sean at Hells Kitchen but an oddly large Friday crowd kept him pretty busy. We did get a bit of time with him and a last green monster pizza before heading out. Awesome way to start our day! We van-napped Bailey after work and took Jess and Chad to the skytrain for their flight to sanfran. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the rights (at least as we understand them) provided by our RV license here in BC- and the ladies opened a bottle of bubbly in the back en route to the station.

We headed back home to pull the bus out and happy hour with Bailey to talk travel, scuba, sailing and all other passions we share.  No projects on the agenda for this day, just enjoying our last Friday and the fact that it came with no rain. As always, the bus drew people in and we got to see many of our neighbors in the building. Sean happened by while on an errand and the Mexican paparazzi started trickling in later on.  Being Friday afternoon they were in no hurry this time but decided to go grab some beers and invited us over to the back yard.  Great chance for us to clean out the fridge so we made some skewers, packed up the grill and headed over for the evening.


This entire group is amazing.  Free spirits and explorers every one, and so enjoyable.  Most of the group are students at university in Guadalajara and most seem to be studying engineering. Every conversation was profound and topics ranged from education and politics to travel healing and energy.  We so cant wait to run into members of the paparazzi en route!