the Breaking Point

We found it.We knew we were working too hard, and we knew there would be a breaking point...we just though we might still get to decide when that occurred.

On the upside, we got the trailer road ready in time for the next game as planned.  Pulled out just in time to miss traffic on the interstate, and headed straight for eugene.  An odd feeling of success and fear all wrapped up into one.  I imagine (to some small extent) this is what people talk about when leaving the hospital with their first born.  "are they really going to let us pull out of here with this thing?"  "what if we break it?"  or in this case, what if it comes flying off its wheels at 70mph on the interstate?

The good news is that none of those things happened.  The trailer pulled like a dream and the mini barely knew it was behind us.  No extra work, no swerving or pulling to the side and almost no reduction in mpg.  awesome.  leavingtiny trailer tailgatergalley bar

We pulled into eugene, found our spot for the night and avoided the strong desire to test the foam mattress immediately ad instead went to make friends with our neighbors.  We even made it downtown for some live music with new friends before crashing.

We slept perfectly nestled into the camper, but were bolted awake to the trailer rocking back and forth like we were back in a hurricane in mexico.  We both roll over to shout at the idiot shaking us awake only to see a giant orange bill staring us in the face.  The duck mascot apparently decided to make a personal appearance before daybreak by scaring the life out of everyone that came the night before.  Finally able to get that image out of our heads, we fell back asleep and woke up several hours later to an already full parking lot of fans.  The party had started without us, but we worked for that nap all week and we were gonna take it.

We cheered the ducks to another win followed by some more friend making at camp.  Its important to seek out that special combination of campfire and big screen tv before the night games kicks off...puddlesgrillflabongosvols fans

We woke up in the morning to return to town and found jen's face swollen almost beyond recognition.  She could still see out of one eye, but barely.  The allergic reaction we noticed earlier in the week now seems to have gone suddenly crazy.  From a tiny rash on her forearm to a full on attack on her face.  We hurried home and she tried to sleep it off, but by mid-afternoon we were taking her to emergency care.

They have no more idea what caused the allergy than we do, but the epoxy is the only thing that seems to make sense.  That, or she simply met her breaking point of long workdays and no rest and it decided to rebel from the head down.  They are pumping her full of steroids, which according to the doctor should keep her up all night, but instead she's slept for the last 3 days straight.  The swelling iss going down and she's gonna be fine, but if she was simply trying to get out of the finish work on the trailer, i'm thinking there was probably an easier way...