the curse of the bathroom

The door install gave us vision of our finished home and we've been longing to move in ever since.  Sadly our bathroom has had other plans.  We've been working long days in hope of moving in, and had tentatively set today as our move-in day.  Originally we planned even earlier- but then came the bathroom floor repour. We've been rushing to get our cabinets welded together.  What started as a few faces welded in the shop quickly became a jungle gym of parts.  It's been increasingly difficult to move around our tiny home, but fun to see them take form into cabinets.  welding1clamping

welding2 welding4Once we finally had the parts assembled and shuffled them into their final positions it really gave the space the feel we've been waiting for since the original design.  The last weld to tie everything together was instantly gratifying.

We also learned why most people make cabinets out of wood...welding and grinding steel in your kitchen is more than a bit messy; and also a hair tricky.  Kind of like building a cage from the inside out.  We finally got the cabinets assembled, the tabs for shelves and walls tacked in place and hinges in place ready for doors.  Nothing left but the wooden doors and walls and our kitchen will be complete (okay, and to pour some concrete countertops...but that's another project all together.

Sadly, it turns out more delays were in order...from the bathroom of course.  We don't know the cause exactly, but the contractor we scheduled months ago to plaster the walls in the bathroom stalled for a few days while our new floor was curing.  Then  a few days later cancelled on us outright.  Its possible the floor delays didn't work for his schedule, but more likely he didn't like the fact that we held his friend to ripping out the old floor and pouring a new weldcontractorcabinet frames

Regardless- we were left without someone to finish the walls as we saw our move date drawing closer.  I'm convinced the bathroom is cursed.  No ghosts or anything that should keep you up at night...but this room seriously doesn't intend to be finished and it keeps lashing out to make a point.

We have called countless other contractors but everyone is on other projects and booked out at least a month and a half.  Those that arent booked are expensive enough we cant afford them with our dwindling funds.  We've finally given up and have decided to simply finish it ourselves.  It wont be near the quality we hoped, but at least we can control the timeline...

Whatever it takes to finally move in and enjoy the fruits of our labor.hauntedbathfire caulkwedi