The final push

Why are we building a travel trailer again?  The last week has looked something like wake up at 7, make a quick breakfast and run out the door.  Eat on the way to ADX and spend the entire day on the factory floor hurriedly gluing, clamping, cutting, gluing and epoxying so that things can dry over night.  We usually try to wrap up by the time they shut the doors at 10pm and head back home to crash. Rinse and Repeat.

We are officially toast.  Exhausted.  Done. And yet, despite the fact that we decided to do this project and to do it for "fun" we just keep trudging on hoping to be able to tailgate in the camper this weekend.  We are sadists for sure, and i think the lesson we are learning is something about setting limits.  Im fairly certain we've gotten to a place in life where we would never put ourselves through something like this for a job...but somehow the same torture delivered by ourselves seems somehow acceptable.  How very odd.drawer insulation front sunroof

Despite our energy levels, i must admit the trailer is looking good. The cabinetry is  (mostly) complete, outer skin in place.  The interior wiring was far more difficult than anticipated, but jen took a lesson in soldering from another ADX'er and 2 days later were all set.  The first epoxy coat gave us a huge second wind and makes it easy to envision the trailer complete, but the back hatches were a fickle beast to build.

3 days ago we had calculated the whole schedule down to the hours required for epoxy and urethane drying before a friday departure and every small mistake means we push things back a day.  ouch.

We are slowly realizing that we must look as exhausted and spent as we feel.  The last few days everyone else in the shop is taking time out of their own amazing projects to come over, tell us how good the trailer is and build us up a bit for the end.  Between the ADX crowd and our awesome friends pitching in to feed us breakfast or bringing by a life-saving burrito, its really community making at its finest..and they might just carry us across the finish line.

solder lesson

jen solderclampedoutside skinshell galley hatch clamped hatch clamped