The Home stretch

Its been a rough week.  But totally worth it!  We finally gave up on getting a contractor out to finish our bathroom.   We fought it long and hard, but once the decision was made we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  Being that our entire bathroom is being finished like a shower we looked for a system that would make the entire space waterproof. I finally stumbled upon a european system call wediboard.  Pretty cool stuff and easier to work with than the typical cementboard typically used.  It will definitely find its way into our next project.asphalt1

asphalt2wediburrito breakA few days of measuring, cutting, gluing and smoothing later and we were ready for plastering.  This is where our confidence ran out.  We hit up the specialty finish store nearby, chatted them up about technique and even bought jen a fancy trowel...but we remained nervous about actually putting our rookie trowel skills to the test.

Perfect time for us to take a day off to watch the superbowl and enjoy some time with friends...and also to deep fry a turkey, why not.  The game didn't turn out much to our liking, but the day was a ton of fun regardless.

We woke up early monday, responded to a text from a plaster guy we had written earlier and made the long two block journey from Brock and Kelly's place to ours.  Much to our surprise our guy was taping off the space within the hour and we were on our way to return the material we purchased...stoked that we had found someone last second...and thrilled that with materials and labor it was cheaper than what we paid for materials alone.  Curse of the bathroom- lifted!!

turkey frybrock adamplaster2 plaster1 That was it...a layer of finish on the bathroom and we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After a much needed post-superbowl nap we quickly set about removing the layer of plastic wrap from our appliances, setting sinks and faucets in place and hanging our range hood.  So exciting to finally see things come together!

The good energy must have migrated because along with our busy days trying to finish the space we suddenly had a flurry of orders for furniture on our etsy page.  Not the best timing, but i happily dropped everything for some work with dollar signs attached.  How we went from not selling a single piece of furniture (outside of friends and family) to having 3 orders in a single day i'll never understand...but i'm not in the habit of asking questions when money gets sent our way!

My focus quickly turned back to the shop and getting our orders filled on time while jen continues working to make our place a home.stools2clamps2clamps3