The house on Everett street

Memories, memories, memories!
While we were so sad to see our long-time renters leave, it did provide the window for us to host a BBQ and say hello/goodbye to many friends this weekend.  It also meant we had to spend all day Saturday hauling years worth of junk and building supplies out of the garage in preparation (for the BBQ and the new tenants moving in on Tuesday).  That, was an exhausting day that didn't exactly fit our new zen mindset...but we managed a quick happy hour before completely crashing.

The BBQ was fantastic (and a bit overwhelming at times as we try to talk with everyone at once and cant possibly get enough individual time with each person).  The crowd was on its best behavior and its fun to see how many more kids are in the mix than a few years back.  Always fun to catch up, and between our leaving and the lack of a space to throw similar events we found ourselves catching up with so many friends that we haven't see in FAR too long.

  The bus became a jungle gym for everyone under 21 at the party and we only have a few minor repairs to make from the kids playtime! =)

Being at this house awakens so many other memories as well.

For those unfamiliar, the back-story is:
- Bryan lived here and invited Jen the neighbor over for a BBQ exactly 10 years ago.
- Jen moved in 6 months later.
- 9 week old Karma the wonder puppy joined the fam 3 years later.
- 5 years ago we moved to Utah for a short time and although we returned to portland, we never moved back to Everett street.
- We had about a dozen big backyard parties during our years in the house, 4th of July and cinco de mayo being the biggest, but also dabbling in st patty's day, new years eve,  and a port tasting.
Only 5 years ago we thought this is the house where we would stay forever, now we cant imagine living here.  the house seems so massive and vacant.  what would we possibly do with so many rooms (yes, the same ones we had filled not so long ago)?  We've downsized so far that being in the house (without 30 or so friends) seems almost lonely.  I think this weekend finally solidified for us, that what we really long for and miss about this house is the yard and the ability to offer a large space for gatherings and friends.  But the house itself, we are over.

When (or if) we move back to Portland- we wont be moving into the old beauty...