the Parents visit Vancouver

The parents decided earlier in the summer to come out for a visit a I told them they were only allowed to come if they drove. You see, my parents have talked about wanting to drive (and camp) around the country as long as I can remember. But things always seem to get in the way of that kind of goal. For most of us, its working until retirement, for many others its waiting until you have enough money, then of course there's taking care of your children, taking care of your pets or even taking care of your parents...always something. Jen and I talk increasingly often about not allowing ourselves to reach retirement to start on some kind of a bucket list or do the things we dream of. Brings to mind a song I heard about how much sense it would make to live life backwards... and makes me wonder when (or why) we got to a place in society that money because more important than joy and living. anyway, I'll move along. The parents got in yesterday. They made the great drive across the states and except for a flat tire and a few other small mishaps seem to have enjoyed the trip! They didn't pull the camper out of fear of gas prices, but decided to sleep in the back of their car a few nights and in hotels others. Its great to see them again, and a good opportunity for us to spend some time sleeping/living in the bus and figuring out what we still need to do. The bus has kind of become our 2nd bedroom since in the 450sqft bach we live in there isn't a lot of room for guest quarters. Today we played in another Vball tourney. Sputtered a bit in the morning, but played well in the afternoon. Lost in the semis by a few frustrating points that kept us out of the finals, but had a great time nonetheless. Mom and Dan missed most of the morning while sleeping off the drive, but came out to support in the afternoon. After the tourney we headed over to Spanish Banks for a sunset BBQ (via the new orange grill) with the fam, anca and matt.