the Times

The NY Times.  So big, so global, and yet somehow they find our little casa.   After the excitement of our holiday weekend, we did a bit of beautifying back at the garage in preparation for a photo shoot. Somehow the NY Times stumbled over our writeup a while back on AccessoryDwellings and decided to include us in an article about the new trend in Portland ADUs.  We gave a interview via skype while we were in costa rica and a few follow-ups after our return... and they sent a photographer up from LA to take a few shots of the place. Laure was amazing.  We feel like we made a new friend, and it was a fun day of looking at our space through someone else's eyes and shoot2 photo shoot

The article came out today and while it's a fun read they really could have done without using our mugs as the cover! ;)

If you're interested check out ours and the other ADUs (all from portland) at the online version, or head out for a cup of coffee and check out the story on paper if you aren't a subscriber.  It's a good read.

If you're reading this because you somehow found your way back to us from the NY Times article, you can read all our posts and see all our photos about the ADU (so far) right here.  If you live in the neighborhood come pay us a visit.  If you don't, feel free to either contact us at brydanger at gmail dot com, or send us a note here on the blog.

All the photos below are courtesy of Laure Joliet Photography and the NY Times. family kitchen loftboth