Trip Down Wedding Memory Road

Since it is the month of amazing weddings and all...

I couldn't bring myself to post about our anniversary without going back to look through photos of our wedding, and i couldn't look through the photos without posting a few here to look back on, and to share with you all.

Almost ten years Jen and I have been together but three years since that amazing trip to Mexico back in October of 2008 (and yes, we did spend a lot of our time this week thinking and dreaming of being back on that beach with a tight group of friends enjoying one of the most amazing weeks ever). The memories of that week will live on forever, but worth posting a few here just because I cant resist. I also cant force myself to stop smiling and laughing as i look back, so i hope it has the same effect on all of you.

And...for the record, Jen and I are ready for a reunion tour anytime the rest of you are...don't make us beg.


As fun as the wedding was lets be honest, the event itself might have taken all of 15 minutes, and we were all still in the pool when the photographer arrived 20 minutes before the ceremony started.  Wasn't planned, but we wouldn't have had it any other way!

So, since the real fun was in the days leading up to and following the event itself, its only fair to post a few of those memories as well.  Seem most of the week was spent either in the pool or in the ocean (tough choice). Actually, the only tough choice was con or sin ropas!