Wasting time...

We just passed our 20 day mark outside the bus since dropping it off at the mechanic.  Not exactly what we planned when we packed the trader joe's bag for a weekend trip, but we're making it work.  We've now been in 4 different rental places in town, repacking our bag and moving as they have others moving in or as we simply get bored and need a change of scenery.  I actually had to pay for a shave last week as i didn't have the foresight to bring a shaver with me.  There's $3 ill never see again.bananathe paperpreshavelunch Karma has been acting healthy for the most part but the first few days of the doxycycline (the treatment for erlichia/tick-bourne disease) had her vomiting each night until we found a routine that seemed to keep her tummy happy.  We now have 3 days left and she's not feeling well again.  I'm guessing that the accumulation of meds in her system is just getting to be too much once again.  She was up last night vomiting and our fears came crashing back down around us.  We may never leave this town. We have done a good job of making the most of it while we're here, as long as we avoid talking about how much we are spending on the rental car and housing.  Would have been a lot easier if karma just told us she wanted to stay for a month so we could book monthly and save considerably the nightly fees were paying now.  We have made friends in town and had great luck meeting other people passing through from nearby towns or while on vacation. fetchjen sunsetsunset music

Always great to connect with other travelers who are as infatuated with mexico as we are.  We even had a local couple n town ask if we wanted to housesit through the summer (if we still find ourselves in town).  They have a gorgeous home…we just need to figure out where we'll be in a few months.

With Karma feeling better this week, we even made it out for a few live music venues…making up for at least one of the things we miss from back home, and the benefit from being in a more popular town.  Last night began a large music festival that brought out not only everyone in town but those from neighboring pueblos as well.  We saw a few great acts and it was an excellent way to spend the evening for the price of taco.  Like every other mexican fiesta we've been lucky enough to attend, this one came with a bit of traditional dancing (including some machete dancers to add a flare of danger to the color) and the crowning of the festival queen.  Just isn't a party without a few girls dressed up in 5inch heels i guess.dancemachete dancequeensmusic festival

We enjoyed one of the acts so much that we followed them back to another venue where they shut the place down.  Worked out for us as it was a great location with a groovy ambiance and crowd, and the pizza wasn't too bad either.

Our days are still filled in deep conversation and we have high days and low.  High days usually feature us discussing what we want to do and what brings us passion and joy.  Low ones usually find us focused on our spreadsheets and the reality of living expenses and other merging issues.  Its amazing how any conversation about your future can sometimes build into this giant lurking monster.  Luckily, one of us usually sees the negativity and doubt building and can remind the other that this is just for fun.  Whatever we choose to do at this point we are choosing because it seems like more fun than what we were doing before.  And, if it doesn't work, and we fail miserably and burn through every dime to our names… well, we can always go back to what we were doing this time last year.

We have there more days of meds for karma and then we'll see whether she's ready to return to the bus and head south. With any luck well be back on the road by the end of the week!turn on musicdarjeeling