We meet Bumfuzzle

we headed down to vallarta for a day of errands.    Stopped in Nuevo first thing to pick up our shipped items from bumfuzzle.As per normal, we only got about half of them checked off the list… Most of you probably have heard of these guys already, but if you haven't you have to check out their blog.  Pat and Ali left "normal" life about 9 years ago when they decided to pack it in, buy a catamaran and sail around the world.  Didn't much matter that they had never sailed a day before that.  Following their circumnavigation they bought a vw bus (we love their taste) and drove the panam and the most of europe before getting pregnant and deciding to not give birth/raise a child in the bus.  Now they are living on another boat off the mexican coast (for now) and are raising two adorable kids.  Bumfuzzle was definitely one of the blogs that we read early on to give us faith we weren't crazy when thinking about our journey and it was great to finally meet in person.

We tried getting together with them many years ago in portland (Pat has family in Ptown) but never got schedules to work.  Now, since we are only a quick drive from their current port in Vallarta we thought it was time.  They were also kind enough to let us ship a few needed parts to the states and bring them back after they wrapped up their vaca.  We don't really like relying on others, but they've been through this and were very understanding of our needs.  We had a tamale and coffee at the mall before giving them a quick tour of the bus and then checking out their digs on the current bumfuzzle ride.  The boat is gorgeous and it's fun to see the family work in the small spaces of a 43' spindrift. We could have talked for longer about our respective paths, but it was getting close to time for Lowe's nap and we had other items to check off our list.  We agreed to meet up later for a beer/taco and then hit the road with our package of parts and a few VW magazines they brought us from home.  We quickly realized that we spent longer than anticipated at the marina, and being saturday (most shops aren't open at all or close at 2) we weren't likely to finish the list.  We started with safety first and went after the brakes.  Stopped in at Volks Vallarta, where they had told us they had the needed parts to repair our right rear brake.  Apparently they didn't.  We are back in mostly working order but they didn't have the spreader bar that enacts the hand brake, so we have to find a way to order another and get it here from the states.

We also installed the accelerator repair kit while the brakes were being overhauled, so things feel good in that arena.  The bus no longer requires both pushing and pulling the accelerator, and driving is once again twice as easy.  A few other quick stops and we were back in Anclote and hopping on the bus to Bucerias to watch the Duck game.  The game wasn't going to end until after dark and its also a long weekend here meaning that the policia are out in force…seemed a good time to test out the public transit.

The bus system here is quite good.  Each bus has all nearby towns listed in the window and no number/identifiable route markings, but a quick question to the driver gets either the nod or the point behind him to wait for another.  The fare is cheap and perfect change is not required like back home.  Also no need to walk all the way to a pesky busstop…just a wave and they'll pull over anywhere you happen to be.  Convenience at its best.

The ride home after the ducks' win was maybe a bit dicier since the driver was clearly hurried to finish his shift and would move into the left lane to pass and then (as the polite mexican always does) turn off his headlights to avoid blinding the car in front of him while going around.  This is far better than transit issues we've had in other places (in egypt the cabs never even turn their lights on) but were it not for the tried and true Mexican driving system this could be unsettling.

We havent yet gone into detail about the mexican driving system and topes...but now isn't the time.  Have to save that one for when we are on the road and living it daily!