Winter Cometh

That's right. You've read about it, you've heard about it, you may even have had nightmares about it...and now its happening.
Winter has officially returned to the northwest. And for those of you "not from around here" I don't mean it's snowing, or even cold..that's not really how we roll.
It means that I haven't seen the sun in days and don't really expect to see it until maybe June. Blue skies have been replaced by gray ones and margaritas are being pushed to the back of the shelf while hot toddies make their way to the front. The streetlights don't really know whether to turn off during the day, and our hours of "daylight" are shrinking dramatically every day. Soon it will be dark when jen leaves for work and dark again before her return. Me, I never leave the house, so who knows if it got light somewhere in the middle anyway.I know its only been a matter of weeks since I played volleyball shirtless on the beach, but my skin has returned to pale, pasty white and my eyes are glossing over like a mole that's been digging its way from china. It feels like eons ago, and yet the season has just begun...

It's always easy to tell when winter fully sets in because you catch yourself clicking on those emails about "special deals" for flights to mexico and vegas rather than simply deleting them. It's also easier to stay in and watch a movie than it is to walk well, anywhere.
This is where we really start questioning our decision to move into our sub-500sqft bach to save money. See, to save money you have to be willing to spend alot of time at home rather than out spending cash at a restaurant/bar/music venue. If you're going stir crazy at home...all of those options start looking far more attractive and your money savings move becomes a driving force for going out. Luckily, the heat to our building got turned on last week, so we no longer have to huddle around the open oven in the evening to stay warm...of course the inside of our windows now have more steam on them then a terrarium...but we'll take it.

Jen is involved in a yoga challenge (great way to kill a few hours a day AND stay healthy now that vball is gone), and I find myself wondering whether I can build a sailboat from hand despite the fact that I have no garage or toolshop, but have still spent countless nights awake researching the possibilities. We also find ourselves watching a frightening number of movies. Thank goodness winter also coincides with two things that might actually save us this season- football and hockey. Bring on the games!

The outlook may sound bleak...but in all honestly, were having a great time and are excited for our path. Counting the days and weeks until big events like our next visit to Portland and wine tasting, but having a great time. I'm eager to start some creative art projects and get the blog up to date or switched over to a new/permanent template, and the bus should see more attention then it's had in months! In fact, we spent a few hours last weekend and wired up our first bit of the lighting inside.