The bus spent most of the winter parked in the garage and we used the time off to pull all the windows and replace the seals and frames. I was a bit worried about this as I’ve seen a lot of rust hidden there in posts from other owners. We sanded any issues around the windows and spot checked the rest of the bus for problems and seeking/destroying the areas that are either developing rust since (or were painted over when) the previous owner resprayed.Clearly the shiny paint job wasn't original, so we didn't feel too bad sanding down to metal and triyng to get rid of any spots beginning to rust.

Our luck has really held out for the most part and the bus remains dry and almost completely rust free!

This has also given us a chance to do the real grunt work of cleaning up all that dried adhesive on the inside of the bus (you may remember the abundance of plush blue astro interior)

Jen is always amazing when it comes to working on the bus, but man, when it comes to this nasty job…shes a champ. We try to avoid adding up the number of braincells we’ve killed in this phase between the gallon of GooBeGone and rattlecan primer…but hey we were gonna kill them one way or another anyway right? =)

Also tried to improve the really bad hack to the bulkhead PO did to fit the astro seats. We will have to find a donor bulkhead and repair correclty later, but this will get us through a few years.

We also started painting the interior. While this wont be forever, we decided that to keep the bus low-key on the outside to try and not attract the wrong kind of attention.  We will simply keep the exterior as rattlecan grey but went with orange on the interior to keep us alert. Lowkey on the outside...Fiesta on the inside!