the only (seriously, only) thing we aren't thrilled with after the purchase of our sprinter is the fact that it is a mercedes.  Look, we have no issue with merc, we actually thrilled to have on of their cars...but for a couple who got used to living under the radar in a vw bus that looked from the outside to be a beat old clunker, its tough to have a shiny new expensive looking vehicle. IMG_7537I saw some sprinters in our last trip to mexico with the VW emblem...and at some point Ill see if we can't get get a pair of those to throw on for good measure, but for now blacking out the current emblems seemed the easiest way to go.

Since we still don't know whether this will be out vehicle long term or it might end up in the hands of someone else (y'know, if we need the money and decide to "flip this van"... plastidip seemed a perfect fit as it can be peeled off at any point.

The project is easy, just spray the emblem with plastidip.  It's the masking everything else off that takes the time and energy.  Plastidip, it seems is one of the few paints where a good thick heavy coat (just short of running/dripping) is the best application.  In this case i got my project juices flowing by installing the wind deflectors...but they went in so quickly i decided to roll right in to the black out procedure. IMG_7539

IMG_7547Project:  Emblem Black-Out Materials:  newspaper and painters tape...

Directions: -mask away everything you don't want painted -drink cocktail for courage (oh, peels off if needed) and spray! - spray a liberal coat of Plastidip on front and rear emblem (preferably with oversight from dog or wife or neighbor) - drink remainder of cocktail to celebrate - remove tape/newspaper.  How easy was that?!IMG_7527 IMG_7542 IMG_7570