This setup is far from final/dressed up at the moment...but is fully functioning and has us back to cooking gourmet meals on the road (and saving money from not having to eat out every meal anymore). Cooking/eating is high on our list of priorities and is far from something we do only to survive.  Backpacking stoves have been our stopgap for the last few months, but we hate throwing out those canisters and its not exactly a perfect cooking setup.  We also considered induction...but theres just no replacement for a gas cooktop and it also means we can run our bbq out the back of the same fuel (and probably a heater don the road). propane-2

We have a single propane canister (we went with a translucent propane cylinder because we can always see how full/empty it is) and branched off to a new smev cooktop and our now well worn magma marine bbq.  We had both of these on our last trip and despite the marine environment and considerable wear and tear both held up to the road tests like a reason not to keep them in this build!  We actually didn't purchase our cooktop from Panther RV but ! wish we would have.  We had the pleasure of talking with them during our build and they were extremely helpful!

The magma is often run off the small earth-killing canisters as well, but with a low pressure control valve you can hook it directly to a typical propane tank for tons of use before a refill.  Throw in a low pressure hose kit and a couple extension hoses and were cooking with fire (literally).

Easy install that anybody can do...but i don't recommend putting any of this in your rig without a good CO2/Propane Detector.  Better safe than sorry!IMG_0010