Lets face it- if you cant sleep (comfortably) in your van its not a home. Our van design will be built around a full time bed, because our time living in our VW proved many things...but among them, that we have no desire to set up/tear down a bed every day, much less to wake up with kinks in our back because of foam pads that slide apart, wear down or get soft over time.

Luckily, we have found a dreamfoam mattress that we have used at home for the past two years that is both highly affordable and VERY lightweight, so we actually decided to simply buy another for our home away from home.  A short debate about whether we should stick with a queen or downsize and we decided to start our temporary build with a full sized mattress (smaller than the queen we have at home but considerably larger than our bed during our tour through mexico and central america).

We knew straight away that we needed to raise the bed for storage underneath, including most importantly the surfboards.  Obviously the frame/platform for our bed will eventually be made of lighter steel and possibly in removable panels, but for now it's a as comfortable as how we sleep at home, which makes us, well...home.