Here’s where we are and what were up to…right NOW

Mostly…we are continuing our pursuit of living free from jobs and chasing happiness in whatever ways we can…which for us has meant a mostly nomadic, mostly minimal, mostly unknown, chaotic and  awesome couple of years!

We just celebrated our 5 years of living without jobs and now know that we are fully “broken”.  We cannot and will not ever return to working for someone else.

Our last winter included living in the van for a few months while hitting 16 ski resorts and traveling the western US in the process.  Totally life changing, especially for a couple of self-professed beach bums such as ourselves.

Our little business startup, zenbox design (though really just a way to allow my creativity to continue despite no longer having the money for projects of our own is still turning away a dozen potential clients a week and trying to filter through to find the perfect client or two a year (which sometimes still seems like too much work).

We are also still seeking community.

Looking for other people of similar mind or looking for change.  But…we just hit a few overland events where we hung out with other travelers (some we knew before and some didn’t, who really sparked our excitement for the other who we know are out there on similar pursuits even if it often feels as though we are all alone.  What a fun couple of days, and how fun to meet people who you immediately feel like youve known for year and with whom you know you’ll share lifelong friendships.

If you have an interest in chasing your dreams, owning your own path, minimal living, tiny homes, vandwelling, or have a way for us to share with others please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Those are the conversations we live for and that excited us!DCIM100GOPROGOPR5872.

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