SprinterVan Conversion

Ths page tracks the DIY buildout of our sprintervan.

This brand new 2016 4×4 sprintervan joined our family in early 2016.  The van was a hollow shell when we started and we quickly built a temporary bedframe and kitchen into the space so we could hit the road and travel BC for a few months shaking down the system to see what worked and didnt before going final.

We didnt have that luxury back when we initially quit our jobs and drove away in our 67 VW Bus, but i highly recommend a similar path if you’re new to vanlife or about to spend significant amount of time in your vehicle for the first time.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you have to/want to rip out everything you worked so hard too build!

Ill try not to repeat things we’ve talked about elsewhere, so if you want to know about  our decision to buy a sprinter, or adjusting to the new vehicle from our old VW Bus, click read these links here.
high roofAt this point we’ve been mostly living in a van since 2012, so I’d say we’ve got the process pretty dialed in and know what works for us and what doesn’t.  The van is also just a very small example of a tiny home, which we design as a part of zenbox design… and it’s almost impossible to draw a line between our life and “work”

Below are a few of the projects underway or completed so far.
Bed Platform
Rain Guards
– Emblem Black out
– Swivel Seats
Porta Potti
– Black-Out Shades
– Insulation
– Propane/Cooking
– Cabinetry
– Roof Rack
– Awning