BBQ, CyclePub and Climbing oh my

As if recovering from last night's celebrations wasn't enough...the pre-wedding marathon kicked into high gear today.  We headed out of town at 7am for some climbing at Smith while the girls planned a wiser path of manis/pedis and mimosas for their day.

Beautiful day on the Rock at smith, and maybe the best weather Ive seen there.  Bright and sunny without cooking you off the rock.  Awesome.
Tricia clearly has been climbing and looked great, and the groom not only made it up every route he attempted but actually had a clean ascent on the hardest route we hung, one where both Tricia and i fell on the crux.  the Jerk.

We all had a great day getting several routes in, right up until about 20' from the end of the trail back to the car when Tricia sprained her ankle.  If i didn't know better... i would say she was just making up for the fact that she climbed circles around us on the wall and the guide kept talking about how good her footwork was all day.  Some footwork on the trail back.  Bummer.

We got back to town with just a bit of time before the big BBQ and gathered stuff to haul over to the park, tap the kegs and start feeding the masses.  Lots of fun, with both bride and groom's families all around, kids running and playing in the lawn and the adults enjoying the photo booth, especially after dark.

The the big hit of the night was the Cycle Pub for certain.  We got on the third and final shift/ride and went along with the Bride and Groom.

A 16 person bike with cup holders and a sober steerer to take you from pub to pub or tasting room to tasting room.  Pure genius.  We also had a totally fun group along for the ride, and im not sure anyone stopped laughing and smiling the entire ride.

I can tell you you however, that while it's my nature to RSVP and sign up for every event at a party...i will think twice next time before signing up to climb and bike ride in one day.  Despite my willingness to tell you that I may be in the best shape of my life...its worth noting that I may well be exaggerating (or at least may have had better endurance in the past).