Jackson Hole

For at least part of the storm   When we originally turned south for Jackson, it looked like a series of two small storms were headed for Jackson.  According to multiple reports, we could ride fresh powder on Tuesday morning, wait out another round of dumping on Wednesday and hit the powder again Thursday morning, all midweek with less crowds- our kind of stop!!

As it goes with our travel, we didn't end up pulling in until midday Wednesday, soon enough to confirm that the snow was here, but also knowing we missed a fresh 6-8" the day before!  Ah well... we cant be everywhere at once, right?

As we arrive the snow is still falling heavily and we walk around in the winter wonderland thrilled to see snow for the first time in a while!!

We now know Jackson well after hanging around so long in last year's visits, so we used the time to hit a few of our favorite spots in town, do a quick drive out to the elk preserve to say hello to the local wildlife and then back into town for dinner and a drink.

In the morning we hit the village and rode most of the day in another 8" of new powder.  The storm was still going on, so visibility wasn't great but we didn't care at all as we made loop after loop of our favorite runs on the mountain. 

Haven't had much of the fresh stuff this year, so it was fantastic and we were simply giddy most of the day (except for one mistimed trun in one of the chutes that sent me flying and landing ass first on an exposed rock...that put a damper on the day, and feels like it may stick with me for a while)!  =/

We eventually called it a day, returned to the van and karma, and found a spot to crash for the night.  The next few days we slow played it in the village.  We love Jackson and felt no need to move on too rapidly but also kept waiting on the skies to clear up... thinking our second day of riding here should be with blue skies and brilliant photo ops.  That day never really came because the clouds after the storm sat low on Jackson for the remainder of our stay.

Certainly didn't stop us from having a terrific time in the village, staying warm by the outdoor fires and chatting with other travelers, soaking in our favorite slopeside hot tub, and may have even found a new favorite bar/restaurant here (that we just might have hit 3 out of 4 days).

We also spent ample time in town and on the backroads surrounding Jackson looking for and staring  elk, deer, moose, or any other wildlife we could spot.

One of our outings delivered a group of bighorn sheep that probably could have (should have) been a bit more shy.  Were staring out the window at one set when we hear a "thud" at the back of the sprinter.  Turn around and see not one but several goats licking at the van trying to get their salt fix.  Funny sight, but we grabbed a few photos and set on our way before a wayward horn dented our home on wheels.