the Big Game

We hopped a flight to Arlington.wait, what??  i's a bit confusing even to us.Two days ago we hopped a fight from cozumel to dallas (yes, the one in texas).

passportsboardingWe had so much fun at the pac12 championship game on the way to costa, and watching the rose bowl in belize that we simply couldn't miss seeing our ducks in the national championship game.  We attended the last time the ducks were in the natty (in Glendale) and thought we might forever regret not being there if the ducks pulled out the win.  We might just be among the first people ever to leave the tropical beaches of cozumel for a "vacation" in texas (especially when its freezing cold there).  There is just no accounting for some peoples' logic.

The decision to go wasn't an easy one.  This is the type of trip that's really difficult for my brain to register.  It's a throwback to my old stress-centric mentality.  I immediately start to add up the dollars and cents of it all, and almost as quickly start a list of why we couldn't possibly go.  Especially now, living without income my brain does flips back and forth between the mathematics of booking it and the enjoyment of actually doing it.

We waffled back and forth for a while, but then we found out the Zac Brown Band would be playing before the game it just seemed like a sign we were supposed to go (although any sign would have convinced us).  The ZBB song "free" kind of became our theme song on the way south, after our friends Chad and Jess introduced us to the band/song.  You may remember the below video from our first few months on the road... [youtube][/youtube]

DCIM100GOPROGOPR4166.corn nachosDCIM100GOPROGOPR4172.zac brown band

From sitting in mexico it seemed like an expensive and almost frivolous trip but it was also one that excited us, would be an absolute blast and certainly a trip we would remember forever.  All of those things also happen to be part of the pact we made to ourselves, to make decisions based on experiences and happiness rather than what we "should do."

So... after much deliberation we booked some flights using miles, found a cheap AirBnB that allowed us to walk to the stadium and bought the cheapest nosebleed tickets available online.  We were ecstatic!

We pulled out the few warm clothes we have in the bus, borrowed some shoes and bags from Kent and Lynn and were off.  We landed in Texas absolutely horrified by how cold it was.  The 40degrees and high wind compared to the temps we've grown used to made it seem like we landed in the arctic by mistake. The day of the game saw thousands of people trying to crowd into tiny tents to avoid the cold and huddling in packs of strangers to collect body heat.  We spent most of our day (ironically enough) in a tent sponsored by the mexico tourism board.  The entire day was hilarious, but ensured a group of friendly people on both sides and made plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

I'm certain by now you all know that the game did not go our way.  That would be an understatement.  We actually left with our heads hung low and sad... it is truly amazing how much we can pour our ourselves into a game we have no control over.  How completely focused we can get on a sporting event.  How much passion we have for the boys playing the game and how much love we can put into a thing that can seem so important while its happening but then disappear completely as soon as its finished.


DCIM100GOPROG0014207. nosebleed But in the loss was a hidden gem.  We had a great experience.  We met amazing people.  We went after something we knew we probably shouldn't do and are stoked that we did (even if the outcome wasn't exactly what we had planned).

One thing is for certain.  If you're going to mourn losing, hopping on a plane for a tropical paradise isn't a bad way to do it.  Well before the halfway point of our flight as the layers of clothing began to come off our smiles returned, the laughter came back to our conversation and our minds returned to a place of peace and tranquility.  We got off the plane to a wall of heat, made our way through customs and when we got outside there was kent, waiting with open arms and a road pop.

Back to island life, at least for a few more days.island