The Bus Movie Screening

In addition to some beach time and BBQs this weekend, we also got to go see a screening of The Bus with a hundred or so other VW crazies at the Rio Theatre here in VAN.

The Bus is a documentary by Damon Ristau about the history of the VW Bus and how it became an American icon.  You've already heard us go on about the magical powers the Bus has on everyone it touches...  now you can get the full back story told by a real storyteller and in full color!

Damon absolutely nailed the story we see daily with only a few main characters, a bit of history and a ton of humor and passion.
We will be buying the dvd as soon as its released (it will be perfect for a backyard/back of the bus movie showing) and highly recommend that anyone who can possibly make it to one of the upcoming screenings head out to meet Damon and take in the film.

We met Damon before the showing here, and it was great to talk about his own bus stories, drives through Mexico and future plans.  We were hoping to see him out on Kits beach later in the day, but I'm guessing the fuel filter replacement his bus needed before the long drive back to Montana took up a good deal of his time.

We give the film 5 stars Damon. Nice work!