Counting Down

Time seems to be flying by in recent weeks.  Our to-do list clearly wont be completed before our departure, but we will finish up some thing in route as needed.  Spent the weekend knocking out a few projects and hanging out with peeps here in VAN.

Its funny, we spent the better part of 2 years here and other than a few odd happy hours and after work get-togethers cant really say we ever found our niche.  Partly due to our efforts to save money, but we never felt like we were going to be terribly sad when the time came to leave Vancouver.  There were only a handful of people we had connected with deeply, and we knew we'd see them on the road!  The last few weeks however that all seems to be changing, probably in large part due to the fact that we are indeed now leaving.

Not that we're complaining mind you...actually having an absolute blast and the weather hasn't even yet fully committed to summer yet.  Now that we are through the spring season of volleyball and into summer season one,  we find ourselves playing volleyball 2-3 times a week before even getting to the weekend!  The weather is also coming around so that we only have maybe one rainy night a week, and a few weekends have been absolutely perfect... at least until the sun starts to set.

Last weekend we had a tourney with Trav and Em, found a night midweek to have a happy hour at the beach with Bailie and a couple happy hours with Jen's coworkers.
This week we've also been able to spend some time with Jess and Chad (not hard since they live less than a block from us and have a back porch/tiki bar setup that we cant help but feel at home on).  Saturday Allison and Josh joined the four of us for a bit of volleyball on kits beach followed by an always amazing happy hour at Corduroy.  Sunday we got a bit of time in for projects and headed over to Kurt's for another BBQ before her departs for Chicago and us for our trip.